Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As the Geek Dyke Turns...

There are many things that possess a Geek Dyke to do things. Sometimes life changes in so many ways that you are not even sure yourself on which path you might be taking a week from now. And as the story goes, my life as a Geek Dyke is changing!
Today I spent the day with a friend and  we spent her day off with me teaching her the ins and outs of playing disc golf. This was a great course for a newbie since there aren't any major challenges like water holes, gators (I am in Florida now), tight fairways, etc. It was a bit hot out today but we had a lot of fun playing out in the sun.

On the way back home again we stopped by a feed store that had some very charming sun conures to play with and a yellow capped Amazon. Just sitting there playing with the birds and listening to the wonderful sounds that birds make, made me miss my Pita even more! It was a lot of fun though just to visit with them and play with them for even a little bit.

We made it back home and I updated my info on Disc Golf Course Review and on Geocaching so that they were both updated with my Florida information. It is still hard to fathom that I am in Florida now!

I think I need my creative outlet to come out and reach out and touch {somebody's hand} because I am feeling like I need to write again and be a little more on the creative side. Not that hanging out with the chitlins or going to the beach or laying around the house watching mind numbing television isn't great for the creative juices, but it just isn't enough right now.

So tonight I pulled up all of my old blog sites and decided it is time to write again. So much is going on right now with deadlines always around the corner. I am ready to do some gardening. I am ready to be crafty. I want to make candles and develop new sites and make things.

I mean, I am a geek dyke, I like to be tactile. I like to do things that use my brain. I feel weird if I am not in brain overload! So all while thinking up this blog, I just popped in a pan of homemade eggplant parmigiana. Yummy! I also just picked some fresh basil so my hands deliciously smell like basil.

Now I think I will close for tonight. I will try and pick a topic a day or week - depending on how busy I get! TTFN!