Saturday, July 19, 2008

Akron and Civil Liberties

Akron was a nice get away although it is not the most interesting of cities. We were there from Friday to Sunday. The boys hung out in the pool and hot tub most of them time, while I was working the school open house. We saw so many great kids there all weekend. There are all sorts of new ideas forming with the school. With almost 3000 students now and more coming in the next term, it is the largest DELA school in the country. The kids get so much one on one from their teachers and the teachers really care about the kids and help them to not fail. They prepare them for college and even help out with other life issues as well. I watched kids come through this weekend and saw how much they enjoyed their teachers and enjoyed getting together with their classmates. They did science and math experiments, participated in fun activities, saw how technology is advancing our children and spent the weekend learning. Had I known as much back years ago as I do now, I would have followed through with enrolling him then. It is amazing that the work is 20 times more difficult and yet he is getting all A's and B's.

In addition to our previous 80 degree weather, we had snow, sleet, rain and hail this weekend. Now Mother Nature and G-D are officially in the divorce and the custody fight over the kids has not been pretty. We went from blizzard to drownin, flooding rains, to hot weather, to more flash floods to snow again. Remember temperament climate here! Our crops are suffering and they are barely in the ground. Corn prices went from $4 a bushel to over $6 due to the opening of a new corn ethanol plant. The ground is too soggy to plant and if we ever do get it dry enough, we fear the frost will hit it again before summer hits and then we might lose them. Then moving on to our normal summer drought which then the crops will suffer again because of thirst.

I was talking to a friend this morning about elections, our freedoms and liberties and how the popular vote still doesn't count towards scat and he was telling about some things going on in Florida. They passed an amendment at the beginning of the year to lower property taxes. Property taxes in FL have always been high. So this amendment passed, and now they are in a drought because rainy season doesn't start for another month. They are told that they are on water restrictions and yet the water companies come back at them saying they aren't using enough water so they are going to place a high surcharge on their bill.

It is a catch-22. When and where are we going to find a real balance in things? Will our vote ever count? When can we go back to robbing the rich to feeding the poor? We live in the land of the free but our own civil liberties are challenged day after day. You can't do this, you have to pay this... but vote on this and we will fix it - only if the electoral college votes agree because you know, we don't look at the popular vote. Religion, politics, war, feast and famine. And no I am not talking about the middle east. I am talking about right here in our own country. In the land of the free.

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