Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Innovations

Here are some more for your viewing enjoyment...


MonKeys, MonKeys, so cute and charming... who wouldn't want to see a cute MonKey on their key chain? Perfect for the kids and you could even have one for a mood a day!


Romeo and Julienne, Samsung and Delilah... Put the romance back into your food ... they always say the way to a man's, or in my case a boi's heart is through his/her stomach!


Out of all the products - this is my favorite! Now tell me who doesn't think this idea would work better as a vibrator! Nice size, perfect shape with lots of little fingers for your pleasure. Flip it over and you have the perfect writing utensil. Safe, discreet, and oh so pleasurable!


I know I am always one to write things on my hand. When I was a nurse I would come home and she would laugh because I had blood pressures, temps, just everything written on my hand. Had I had these nifty tattoos I would have saved a lot of money in soap!


You always have those co-workers you hate, or the spouse that just hits that last nerve - solve all your problems with Ouch! It is the voodoo toothpick holder. Stick it in where it hurts the most and pull it out when you need a toothpick. You will feel much better afterwards.


In case you ever forget where you are - this doormat will remind you! Feet First is the top of the line in innovative products. Never again will age let you forget. You are here!

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