Saturday, July 12, 2008

Clarity or lack there of

After sleeping approximately 25 hours due to a nasty migraine, I found some clarity to a lot of things.

  • I found that I should never take anything for granted.

  • I found that even when away, someone is thinking of me.

  • I found that sometimes a body actually needs 25 hours of sleep.

  • I found that I can dream in Technicolor and that it is daylight out at 5 AM.

  • I found that migraine meds can give you a lack of clarity.

  • I found that sinus meds make you thirsty.

  • I found that I dread the next week of rain.

Clarity brings a lot of things into perspective and over time these are the things that become the most important to us. I dislike the unknown and look forward to the known. I know that I have a 10 year plan and things are falling into place so well. I have a vision and I know that this vision is attainable. I have a 4.0 GPA in school, and I work hard to keep that. Vet school means so much to me. It is a chance for me to do what I do best.

The new site is taking off like wildfire. I am very proud of it. I have so many ideas for it. People have really taken to it, more than I could have imagined. We got a new client for work which will enable us to upgrade the business, plus another one coming up right behind it.

I can't complain.

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