Saturday, July 5, 2008


Brandon sent me a site today that had some wonderful innovative ideas that I wanted to share with my readers. I only picked a handful that was on the page, but you can see all of them here.


The Banana Handle - chic yet practical. A must for any kitchen or camper! Provides a firm grip for extra support. With a no slip peel handle, rest assured your tender hands will never touch the hot iron.


Tired of sticky fingers after slaving in the kitchen baking that cake? Batter Finger has the solution for you! No more sticky fingers - just dip Batter Finger in the bowl and lick away! When you are done, stick the Batter Finger in the dishwasher and voila - all clean!


Why is it you can never find a bottle opener when you are looking for one? The Beer Belly makes it simple and convenient - right there on your belt! Never be stranded without a way to open your beer again. Just use the handy dandy opener on the Beer Belly and your troubles are pissed away! Comes in a variety of colors and belly sizes. Recommended for those with dunlapsed disease.


Missing the 80's so badly that you can feel the Pop Rocks running through your veins? Pong got you down? Then buy yourself a Cassette Bag! No more Pop Up Video, find the 80's fun that will last a lifetime. Complete with lose tape straps.


Foot stuck in your mouth? Get and handle on it and stick that shoe under the door instead! The Foot in the Door will solve all of your problems! Put that shoe where it belongs. High-heeled fashionable pumps slip right under the door. So sturdy even your dog could chew on them!

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