Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meet me at the Drive-in

I love the drive-in. Where else can you go and watch 3 movies for $8, see old time cartoons, and watch retro intermission advertisement? We had a blast last night. Front row, curled up in camping chairs, weather just cool enough for a sweater and cuddled under blankets when it got cooler.

Drillbit Taylor ***

This movie was fun for the whole family to watch. A little violent for the younger kids, but definitely amusing. Drillbit is a AWOL US Army man who is living on the streets. He takes his showers on the beach and feeds off the people of the city. The boys are your typical freshmen, new to a school, awkward, and out of place. The perfect target for the local school bully. The bullying gets worst as the weeks go on and the boys decided to hire a bodyguard. Drillbit takes the job on the notion this money will get him to Canada. A great movie about the trials and tribulations of youth, trust, and making new friends.

The Spiderwyck Chronicles *****

Great family movie. The Grace family moves into their Aunt's creepy house in the middle of no where. The children are dealing with the break up of their parents. Jared decides to explore the things going bump in the house and finds a hidden room through the dumbwaiter. Goblins, hobgoblins, faeries and sylphs surround this tale of adventure and danger.

The Ruins ***

*NUDITY* The Ruins is about a group of college kids vacationing in Mexico. When they meet up with a German, their life gets more interesting. They go to visit an ancient Mayan ruin well off the maps. What they find there will change their life - if they live through it. Flowers that imitate phones and humans, flesh eating vines and some angry villagers make up this movie. While good, I wish someone would make a good scary movie!

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