Saturday, August 16, 2008

Adventures in Disc Golf

Please stay tuned to our regularly scheduled program... until then more adventures in Disc Golf.

Went over to Arthur Fisher to play tonight. The boy is getting so good at this! I really wish I had my disc bag back though. I miss my discs. On a positive note, I just landed a contract with Hazy Shade to do their website! Life is good and full of fun new disc golf supplies!

So we were playing and managed to keep it out of the water until the dreaded 16th hole if it is still the 16th since they have a new 6 back behind it now. Sure enough it soared across the lake and made a lovely splash - right in the water. Thank goodness it was the floating disc! It was already dark. The sun was barely peeking above the horizon. Bats were flying around and the park was empty. I finally got up the courage to jump in the lake and swim out to the %^%$ disc. That was the murkiest, muckiest ick water I have ever been inside. But the disc was retrieved and I was beyond soggy with the scent of pond water.

Heading back to the car I was carrying my shoes, bra and bandanna, when all of a sudden I hear, "Don't move!?!" then I hear, "No RUN!?!!" and then, "No, DON'T MOVE!" as I see my kid hightail it out of there like he just saw the ghost of disc golfers past. At this point I am dazed and confused and not in the fun 420 way either, and trying to figure out wtf is going on! I run, making a beeline into my disc golf partner in crime, almost tripping over a wire rope and make a clearance before turning around and looking to see what was after me. There finally walking the other direction, but not convincingly enough for me, was Pepe Le Pu himself in all his glory. Apparently when I got the first "don't move", he was coming right towards me with tail in trigger position. So needless to say I was saved from smelling like pond scum crossed with the lovely scent of Eau de Skunk. It would not have made for a pleasant evening!

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