Friday, August 22, 2008

River Kayaking

So the gang and I went out on the river tonight for some kayaking fun with Whitewater Warehouse. This was a paddle float where we went a couple miles down the river to our river park called Riverscape. From there we just floated around, hung out, chatted with people and listened to a charismatic Big Band singer from Cincinnati, and later after dark, watched the laser show sitting comfortably in my kayak.

When we started out, we got the boats in the river. There were five of us - two adults and three kids ages 9, 12, and 17. We got into our boats and the boy was attacked by a log in some rapids spinning his boat around. He finally got over that little hump and we headed back down. We knew we had a couple hours to play around before the laser show so we just paddled and floated along the river. The 9 yr old wanted me to go over to the island with her so we headed over while the boys all went over to the park. We were enjoying watching the birds while she played in the water when we suddenly heard this loud pop.

We had a blast, albeit soaked to the bone. The Urban Paddle was fun. The crew from Whitewater Warehouse shuttled everyone (and their boats) back to our cars - the one hard part about river kayaking and we had oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and frozen lemon-aid ice being passed out by a couple of nice ladies. There was no charge if you had your own equipment and only $10 to rent it if you didn't. We managed to fit 4 kayaks on top of the car all strapped down securely and everyone had a great time.

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