Monday, August 25, 2008

Insomnia Ramblings

Insomnia and ADHD are not a good mixture when combined in the same evening. I keep thinking that,

"I have to pack up this and unpack that, I need to put in a load of laundry, oh yeah wait is my phone still working (?), okay and I need to clean up, and finish my project, I need to send out updates, go to the post office, shower, flat iron my hair, grocery shop, school supply shop, rewrite my paper for my final, go and register my classes and take the test so I can register, find out where my grant is and why finance doesn't have it yet, apply for the six scholarships I have saved that also have approaching deadlines, think of someone special, oh wait sorry sidetracked - I was thinking of that someone - pick up the remaining Geocaches before I leave tomorrow,"

and probably a million other things I need to do but I just can't seem to get my mind around actually getting everything finished in time. On top of that I am slightly OCD with a mild case of trichotillomania - a condition where one subconsciously doesn't realize that they are skin picking or pulling out their hair.

DennisIt sometimes is a neverending cycle. Have you ever stayed awake for three days? Well I have and it isn't always a pretty picture. How else does one think that I became a Geek Dyke? It definitely wasn't from sleeping my life away. Now I don't expect this post to flow smoothly since I am mostly all over the place tonight. So bear with me please.

Some people are afflicted with ADHD and insomnia like I am and honestly I don't know how they get through it. The last time I wrote a rambling post it was a few years ago and it had to be the longest post that made absolutely no sense - not to mention tired out my readers. Although, I think I broke some sort of record for run-on sentences.

coffeeSo, through my sleepless nights I have learned that I can write quite a bit and I find some clarity that I may or may not have had already. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah the not sleeping part. Believe it or not I even take medication at the night that is supposed to make me sleepy. Nope! Wrong! Do not pass go and do not collect $200! And you will get wet on this ride.

Now, add this to my previous blog where I outlined everything I did when it came to pets and my garden and then you intermingle a brain that just won't quit. I know you are asking me what all that hype means? It means that when I try to fall asleep at night my mind doesn't slow down at all. In fact, it is worse at night!

So how do I cure insomnia and ADHD? I write blogs! It isn't as effective as counting your steps from the nearest bus stop to your office but it does work wonders. You can say anything and everything and people will read it.

If you write it they will read it!

YogaSo write get it all out on paper. Drink some hot tea and just relax. Do some Yoga but try not to get all tangled up! That can be very difficult to explain when you got to the ER! I know I had more to write about but I need to carefully and strategically decide what to write to you, my audience.

I can say today that my Venti Caramel Frapaccino was very delicious!

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