Friday, August 29, 2008

Klondyke Barbie for VP?

PhotobucketSarah Palin was announced as the Republican candidate for vice-president. Is he mad? The beauty pageant queen, President of the PTA mother of five (with a Down's Syndrome newborn in tow) has had no political experience with the exception of being the current governor of Alaska and former mayor of a town with a population of about 5000. Are we kidding? I understand the need to try and pull in the Hillary supporters but this woman still has the new kid on the tit and we would want to see her stand up and do a press conference? Granted the 44 year old Idaho native might get the vote of all the lonely straight men out there begging for Beauty Queen Barbie to be in office but I don't think I want eye candy helping to run my country.

I mean seriously folks, is this what the nation is coming to? So we first pick Obama because G-d forbid we give a strong empowering female the spot. This is a man's world. Then the old geezer picks a woman who is a nobody to stand by his side to persuade the American people that they should have no fear and can still have a woman in office on the republican side. So let's take a look at Sarah Palin.

I tried to go to the State of Alaska website but apparently their server is too busy to allow others in there to look around. Why, you might ask? Because no one knows who the hell this woman is. So I did some research and found out some good information on our new candidate for vice-president. Sarah Palin is a NRA member, mother of five having just had a baby recently, eldest son is stationed in Iraq, orginated from Idaho, member of the Feminists for Life, hunter, fisherman (or fisherwomyn since she is a feminist), husband is an Alaskan native working for an oil field, pro-lifer, won Miss Alaska and MIss Congeniality, and the head of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Where has she stood on current political issues? She hasn't because she is only a governor! She has said that she is an extremist supportor of Pro-life, against gays getting married, supports the constitutional ban of gay marriage, and she is all for people having guns. Got my vote - not in this lifetime. So what are we thinking?

On top of that, we tried to get into the McCain rally that is today in Dayton. When Hillary was here, you didn't need tickets at all to see her. Everything was clear and plain as day on where to go and what to do at the rally. When Obama was here, same thing although you did need tickets if you wanted on the main floor area. Easy to locate all of the information needed for the rally. McCain - whole different story. We are Ohio. This means we are a swing state who wanted Hillary and we always make or break the vote in the Presdential election. So we call to try to get tickets. Apparently tickets are required for all people but you can stand in a holding area with waited breath to see if you might be able to get in. For Obama you just picked up your ticket. For McCain you have to give all of you PII (personal identifiable information) and sign away your first born to get a ticket. Oh but wait - they forgot to mention that they don't have tickets. Why? Because they gave them all away to people in Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. Big mistake - huge - large. So you gave away tickets to other states while you are trying to convince Ohioans to vote for you. And Mr. Senator, you preach about conserving fuel but yet we could not reach a single person via telephone at your offices and we had to drive out twice to find tickets only to be told they were given away to other states. In addition when we got to your office last night (that closed at 9 PM) we found them closed at 8 PM with a sign on the door turning people away because they couldn't bear to talk to us.

So I can't help myself to wonder how in the hell they expect this circus they are calling an election to turn out. Remember we didn't pick Hillary because she was a woman in this male dominated world.

So I think I am going with Rosie the Riveter for President. Where is Ross Perot when we need him? Remember Obama keeps telling us that we need a change. Costa Rica is looking like a nice country to live in these days.

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